Ceradini B&C


CERADINI B&C was founded in the 1980s in Verona and is active in the production, research and distribution of high quality plant production material. Although created to meet the needs of Ceradini farms only, CERADINI B&C met with strong interest from local producers, to the point that in 2000 the nursery and plant production became a separate branch of the company.
The company’s mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality “virus tested” propagation material free of pathogens and diseases. This is accompanied by constant monitoring of new market trends, concluding collaborations that can present new products and innovation.
The composition of the soils and the experience gained over the years make CERADINI B&C a model of plant development with an excellent root system, essential for rapid development in any orchard with a keen eye on “virus tested” production procedures .


1980 foundation of the nursery in Verona
2000 the nursery became a separate branch of the company
2015 collaboration with Jingold SPA
2020 expansion in Greece

Our goal is to create new solutions for growers, formulating projects that implement ideas with the intention of guiding the cultivation of kiwifruit on a more productive and sustainable path.


Our interest is in helping growers get the most out of their businesses. To achieve our goal, we have created a team of agronomists and technicians whose main interest is to provide their experience and support to growers in order to ensure optimal investment results and returns.

Furthermore, CERADINI B&C focuses on innovation while participating and investing in experimental projects that aim to produce cultivation techniques and efficient and smarter nutritional practices.


The CERADINI B&C nursery has established solid partnerships that allow it to use the most advanced technology and provide customers with the best result. The nursery collaborates with “in vitro” laboratories, producing plants with tissue culture techniques characterized by completely aseptic conditions for the management of plant material. Subsequently, it proceeds with the micrograft (in the laboratory) and the hardening of the plants in the greenhouse before proceeding with the transplant on selected fields, free from pathogens and diseases.

In this way we guarantee:
Conformity of species and varieties
Absence of pathogens and diseases
Stable and quality production
Uniformity of the plant material


The meticulous application of quality systems is of paramount importance for the production of high quality propagating material that meets the needs of the international market while ensuring environmental sustainability by following appropriate health and safety guidelines and procedures.
The Ceradini B & C nursery is grown in a protected agricultural environment and is fully compliant with the ministerial decree 7.02.2011
At the same time, all the provisions and technical regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies are followed, concerning the production and marketing of propagating material for the purpose of the circulation of certified plant material, with the main feature being the absence of pathogens.


The Ceradini B & C nursery cultivates about 5 hectares in total, producing over 180,000 kiwi plants every year. It has 5 cooling cells to preserve the plants until the moment of delivery. In synergy with the commercial sector, the company has developed a portfolio that offers quality products to growers.