FruitProject is the Greek Company of Ceradini Group specialized in the production, selection and sale of kiwi, both as a plant and as a fruit.

A team of young agronomists, with the same passion and love for this fruit, founded the Company in November 2019, thanks to the full support, experience and know-how of Ceradini.

Following heritage and traditions of a recent past with ethics, principles and value, our business organization and qualified staff are a guarantee for products and 360° services provided, motivating Customer confidence and trust day by day.


Consolidate the development of Greek Business in International Markets and improve the quality of Greek kiwifruit, offering customized support and innovative solutions.

In Giannitsa Nursery (over 100.000 plants in 2021), in the north of Greece, Actinidia plants are grown with the most advanced technologies, respecting the environment to offer the best kiwi that stands out thanks to its shape, size, brix degree, flavor and self-life.

FruitProject provides total assistance during all stages of plants growth: from the chemical-physical soil analysis to planting, from water and nutritional needs to pruning.

The plants

The king of green kiwi is the Hayward. This is the most cultivated Actinidia variety in the world.
Strong plant, late flowering, high productivity, large fruit (over 100gr) and low presence of triple, twin and deformed fruit.

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The fruits

Brown in colour with hairy skin, bright green flesh with many seeds (if properly pollinated), excellent organoleptic characteristics, our fruits are perfect for long conservation.

Main features:
Flesh: green colour with high consistency
Outside look: cylindrical and lengthened with length/diameter ratio of 1.26
Size: large (average weight of fruits over 100 gr)
Sensorial characteristics: high taste qualities, sweet and juicy flesh
Nutritive properties: high content of vitamin C, fiber and potassium
Shelf life: excellent

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Earth to the tables

Thanks to the experienced and professional Team, FruitProject follows its producers and fruit givers throughout the entire production cycle of this fruit of far origins, from the nursery activity specialized in kiwi plants, that boast a root system of Excellence up to fruit ripening.
Kiwis strictly selected, processed and certified reach Greek market and the most important international ones thanks to its high certified quality standards

Our offices and collection centers

Headquarter: Chrisochori, Kavala, 64200 tel. 2591061200

Branch: 8 ° km PEO Katerini-Thessaloniki 6985774968