The Boerica variety represents the Italian green kiwi of excellence. A variety generated by a spontaneous mutation of the progenitor Hayward, whose organoleptic and aesthetic characteristics clearly exceed the ones of hayward, attesting to high quality and quantity standards.

It shows less production of lateral fruits, with consequent reduced production of “triple” and deformed fruits. Meanwhile achieves an average weight of fruits over 100gr with very good firmness and dry matter values above 17%. In conclusion boerica could be an excellent alternative of green kiwi, as it is a variety with high and very promising agronomic characteristics.


Azienda Agricola Bovo Angelo Di Giuseppe e F.lli


Plant vigor: plant of medium-high vigor, good ramification

Productivity: very high and regular

Entrance of production: very quick in 2nd – 3rd leaf

Chilling hours: high; 950 – 1150 Chilling Units (0-7.2°C)


Blossom: Medium-late, second half of May (Verona, Italy)

Blossom quantity: strong

Fertility: self-sterile but very easy to pollinate with Tomuri and Matua (1M/F)


Fruit size: big, over 100gr fruits

Form: elongated oval, medium-big size fruit

Firmness: very good firmness

Color of the pulp: shining green

Taste: excellent taste when it is mature, sweet and juicy pulp (14 °Brix)


Maturation: ending of October, beginning of November

Storage ability: very high storage ability