In Verona province, at 1250 meters asl, the well-known brand of the Ceradini Group Fragolà will take you throughout the summer until October, offering you a mountain strawberry that will amaze you with its unique flavor and perfume

Thanks to the particular atmospheric conditions and changes in temperature, our mountain strawberries are crunchy, tough with a high sugar content. The varieties offered are Irma and Murano. Over the years, both of these types have been proving to be perfect for soilless production, especially as regards their organoleptic qualities, color and size.

Specialized operators harvest the fruit early in the morning: fresh strawberries are immediately packaged and marked with an innovative complete traceability system (date, time and operator); after a stop in a refrigerated environment reaching the right temperature , they are distributed. The packaging, normally standardized in 2 kg eco-friendly cardboard boxes is offered in 4 variants with attractive graphics, further customizable

“The success of Fragolà is the sum total of different details that here in Ceradini Group/Kingfruit, the trade company that offer to the market of the most diverse assortment of fresh fruit, are never neglected “- comments Massimo Ceradini, CEO of the Group.

10 years of Fragolà ‘, 10 years of success.